Inaugural Guild Training Camp

May 26th-29th, 2023

34510 W Carefree Hwy,
Wickenburg, AZ 85390

Registration has ended. If you’d still like to attend, please contact us with a really compelling reason we should go through the trouble of letting you in.


Start here. This section explains why we are putting on the event and gives you a frame of reference for how this event fits into the Hunters of Avalon canon. Click here to start.


In board game terms, this section will give you an overview of the event objectives and goals. It will give you a high level idea of why this event is different from a standard camp out. Click here to find out more.


This section is to help you understand how you can participate in the event. Unlike most games with strict rules, we’ve setup a lot of different options and put a little bit of “sand” in the box for you to play with. However, the intent is for you to add more of your own. Find out how your ideas fit in.


You will find nothing gameplay related in this section. Just some things you’re expected to do/bring to not die while camping. Probably a good idea to read up on it all.